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Baby Mou

Baby Mou (“My Baby” in Greek) and her sister Mouse (because she likes to drown her toy mice in her water bowl) were born outside in the summer of 2006.

Mou, before her accident in Magda's garden.

Before her rescue, Baby Mou was found early one Sunday morning in a neighbor’s yard with a broken leg. She was rushed to immediate care veterinary services where her leg was set in a temporary cast until she could be seen by Gypsy Cats regular veterinarian Dr. Lori at The Cat Practice. (Yes – this is the famous Tribal Revolution kitty.)

Mou in her cast.

Monday morning, Dr. Lori set Baby Mou’s leg in a permanent pink cast and the leg healed very well in a few weeks.

Mou, recovered from her broken leg.

Baby Mou’s mother (Momma 4)and sister Mouse were rescued within the next day as both kittens were very young and still nursing. Baby Mou has been enjoying a great life for the past three years until a recent illness almost overtook her.

Mouse and Mou, tussling in spite of Mou's cast.

Baby Mou’s blood count dropped to a seriously low level and she developed an infection causing loss of appetite and hair loss. We didn’t think she was going to survive; the illness came on very suddenly. Many times cats born in the wild have low immune responses and are very susceptible to disease. This is a result of poor nutrition in the mother and throughout their vital growing stages as babies.

Mou's original family, before Mou's accident and before being rescued.

Baby Mou was given several medications, iron shots, and lots of love an attention. Today, she is back to 60% normal health, but will need constant vigilance and return visits to The Cat Practice to be monitored for any adverse changes in her health.

Your kind donations have helped provide medical services for Baby Mou and the good news is Baby Mou is quickly recovering with much improved blood count, greater stamina, and all around crazy, cute, cat behavior. She’s a real gem.

Update 2-19-2011 Baby Mou has had one or two more bouts with low blood count and has been on and off medications this last year. She will be returning to The Cat Practice for more blood work and it appears that she will have to be on medication for life. Right now she is doing well, pink nose and all but her medication is expensive. Please consider even a small donation to help Baby Mou with her on-going recovery.

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