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Bella Dee

She was found and fed by a concerned neighbor in the Galewood area. Gypsy Cats was contacted because the neighbor thought she might be pregnant. Bella Dee was taken straight to Dr. Lori at The Cat Practice, given an exam and an ultrasound. Bella was indeed pregnant with 4 kittens.

Bella appears to be young, under 1 year, has no micro-chip, and is not declawed. She is a very loving and sweet cat which leads us to believe she was a house cat at one time. She will stay at Gypsy Cats until she has her kittens and then after a few months they will be seeking perminent loving homes.

Update January 2012: Bella Dee is now known as Momma #6. Two of her kittens (Bella and Luna) have been adopted, and two (Ralphie and Alphie) remain at Gypsy Cats.

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