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Update! Buddy has a perminent home on a farm in downstate Illinois with a family who just loves him. He continues to improve daily with good food, plenty of exercise and lots of love from his new forever family! Read Buddy's rescue story below.

Buddy was found by Judi, a neighbor of Gypsy Cats. One afternoon Buddy turned up in Judi’s yard hungry and cold. Judi imediatly put out the word on the community bullitin noard that she had found a dog, gave a description and provided pictures. The nexy day, someone came to Judi’s door and said they were the dog’s owner. The owner explained that buddy had gotten loose from their yard. After a few more minuted of conversation, it was discovered that the owners no longer wanted Buddy. They said they were moving in 2 weeks, couldn’t take him with, and could no longer afford him. Buddy’s owners wanted to know if Judi would keep the dog. Touched by the story, Judi explained that she already had a dog and was not interested in getting another. The owner took Buddy home that afternoon.

Buddy is a very sweet boy, in spite of the life he's had.

Two days later, Buddy was back in Judi’s yard. Judi fed him and gave him a good look over. She discovered that in addition to being dirty, Buddy had severly infected ears, and a disabled back leg. Judi called the owners and this time it took them 3 days to come and get Buddy. Judi asked about the leg and was told that Buddy was run over when he was 2 and the leg was never fixed. When asked about the ears, the owner said this was a recent occurance and they didn’t have time or money to take Buddy to the vet. Though now very worried about Buddy, Judi turned the dog over to the owner, who took him home.

You can see Buddy's disabled leg clearly in this picture.

The very next morning Buddy was back. Repeated calls to the owners were unsuccessful. They never came to reclaim Buddy. And so began the e-mail chain reaction of trying to find help and a home for Buddy. None of the shelters would take him without extensive medical tests before admittance. This was not a possibility since there were no resources with which to accomplish this. Judi was successful in getting a local groomer to clean Buddy up and look at his ears and maybe determine what kind of dog he is. The groomer was kind enough to groom Buddy twice for free. It was determined that Buddy is a Burmese Mountain dog about 10 years old. He has severly infected ears and will need medication and surgery. His leg is beyond repair, though he has learned to live with his injury. Buddy has a very sweet personality, does great with other dogs and children. Buddy is with a foster family now, and still needs a home. If you can open your heart to this big fellow... he would be a friend forever.

Local neighbors did take up a collection for Buddy’s ear surgery. He had a hematoma removed and had both ears thoroughly cleaned. Buddy is a special needs dog who may need additional care. If you can help by adopting Buddy, or if you just wish to make a donation to help pay for his foster care, please doante today. He’s had a hard life and deserves some gentle love and caring.


Buddy's foster mom sent the following update and pictures:

Here is the breakdown so far of Buddy’s expenses. His ear is MUCH better now, so he will luckily not need the surgery to remove the hematoma (it is all gone, his body reabsorbed the blood over time since he has stopped shaking his head so violently due to itching)  but I would like to have the ears cleaned under sedation to get them really clean. Keep in mind the surgery was to relieve his pain, not improve any future likelihood of ear infections or make the ear canal opening bigger - those things will still always be a problem for him - his ear canal opening on the right ear is barely the size of a Q-tip due to the long-term untreated ear problems he has had.

Ad Park Vet:
Office visit, $29
Blood Chemistry, $98
Canine Heart Worm Test, $31
Gentizol ear ointment, $21

Shampoos, ear treatment, food:
Dixie Dog Ear remedy ingredients purchased at Petersen’s Pharmacy in OP:
Gentian Violet, $3.49
Boric acid powder, $4.99
Rubbing alcohol 16 oz x 2, 4.00
Virbac Products as recommended by the vet purchased online:
Resicort leave-on lotion for dogs, cats, horses $28.99
Sebolux medicated shampoo for dogs, cats, horses $16.99

Ad Park Vet Clinic, to be scheduled for just after Thanksgiving
Ear cleaning with sedation, $29 visit, $17 sedation, $49 flush = $95
(blood panel required but senior panel done above will cover that)

The vet, Dr. Kumar, said he would also supply a letter stating the leg is not an active concern for Buddy other than that he likely has some nerve damage from a distant auto accident and therefore cannot be outside for long in the cold weather. He will have his vaccines done then too.

Vaccines: rabies, distemper, parvo, bordatella $84
subtotal: $179


I have also tried a couple of hypoallergenic foods to see if his skin improves but I did not put that on the list of expenditures.

Thanks to all who have helped with Buddy’s expenses. And special thanks to Sandy, owner of Le Pooch Animal Grooming in Elmwood Park who kindly gave Buddy a much needed grooming/bath at no charge; and Judi who covered the entire first vet bill at Park Animal Hospital where we took him only to find out that he has a massive ear infection, high fever of 103.8, and needed an antibiotic injection, ear medications, and oral antibiotics for 10 days! He has come a long way, thank goodness. I am attaching a few pictures of him for you, including those of you guys coming to visit him recently. Please feel free to contact me anytime for updates, or if you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting this special dog!

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