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Kitty Kat

"As many of you know my father passed away earlier this year. Of all the tasks that there are to take care of - the most difficult one for me has been what to do with his cat. Kitty Kat was a stray that he took in 4 or 5 years ago. Kitty Kat was found in the dead of winter in the neighbor's garage. The neighbor was evicting Kitty Kat, and Dad didn't think that was right and took Kitty Kat into his home. My father was never really a cat person - but he did have several over the hears that shared the house with him."

"Kitty Kat has a huge personality, and is a very active, small cat. Not sure of her exact age since she was a stray. My best guess is 5-6 years old. Her front paws were already declawed and she had been spayed when she was found. All her shots are current. She is a very active little cat - almost kitten like. She is currently on house guard duty at Dad's place. Kitty Kat has one annoying habit - when she wants your attention she likes to bite you to get your attention. She does not do this out of anger - no hissing, ears are not back, she just doesn't know any better. I am sure she woudl overcome this if she was in a good home and someone spent a little time with her - getting her socialized."

"I am looking for a good home for Kitty Kat. Preferably one without small children (the little biting problem). An experienced cat lover that could spend a little extra time with Kitty Kat would be best. Although she enjoys guard duty at Dad's house, she is getting very lonely. Please forward this to any cat lovers or friends of cat lovers and help me gind a good home for Kitty Kat."

Kitty Kat has been adopted. Her new owner is in love with Kitty Kat and Kitty Kat has already taken to sleeping in bed with her. Jean is very happy to have found a good home for Kitty Kat with the help of the staff at Gypsy Cats! Kitty Kat now has a new playmate, a puppy, and they are doing well together.

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