Gypsy Cats is a not for profit facility in Chicago, caring for stray cats, getting them off the street, giving them needed medical attention, and allowing them to live their lives in warmth and comfort. Gypsy Cats is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Gypsy Cats is always in need to donations to help support the animals we care for. Please see our Wish List and consider sponsoring one of our Adoptable or Permanent Resident cats!


One late night last summer our founder Magda at Gypsy Cats was up very late making chocolate brownies. Suddenly, all of the cat residents at the rescue center ran to the other side of the facility. This usually means that "something" or "someone" unexpected is out in the yard. Going to the back porch window, Magda noticed a truck pulling away from the back gate in a great hurry. And sure enough there was now a large dog in the back yard. Since it was 1:30 a.m. and this dog - a pit bull - was of unknown origin, Magda thought it better to not go outside and assess the dog until she could get assistance to do so the next morning. So very carefuly she placed blankets, water, and dog food out on the deck for the pup. He seemed quite content in his new surroundings, was not injuredm seemed well fed and pretty well-behaved. All creatures, both indoors and out settled in for a night's rest, anticipating what hte morning would bring.

The following early morning the pup was still there. Those that had dropped him off made sure to close the gate - which is normally left open for the stray ferals that come and go through the yard. Leo - as he was later to be named, was happy to see Magda and wanted to play. Leo was a young, un-neutered male pit bull mix. He had no tags and it was later discovered that he had no micro-chip.

So again the email chain reaction started, trying to find Leo's owners or a new permanent home for Leo. And in just a few hours, quite by chance, a new owner came along. Magda's neighbor saw Leo and fell in love. Vanetta is a polie officer and took Leo along with her that day on her patrol to see how he would do with people and to see how he would react with the other dogs at the station house. Leo was great! Well-behaved, polite and respectful of his new owner. It was a match made in heaven.

So even though Leo didn't get to spend much time at Gypsy Cats, he can be seen most every day roaming in the yard just a few doors away. Leo has been seen by a vet, received all his shots, and is now neutered. It will never be known if those who dropped him off could no longer afford him, or if they just didn't want him anymore. But as the story goes - all's well that ends well. And so it was for Leo!


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