Gypsy Cats is a not for profit facility in Chicago, caring for stray cats, getting them off the street, giving them needed medical attention, and allowing them to live their lives in warmth and comfort. Gypsy Cats is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Gypsy Cats is always in need to donations to help support the animals we care for. Please see our Wish List and consider sponsoring one of our Adoptable or Permanent Resident cats!


Milo has been adopted.

Milo's people were losing their home, so Gypsy Cats took Milo in. On his first day at Gypsy Cats, he was flea infested and sick.


Josephine, Magda's mother, had lost her cat of 18 years just the month before Milo came to Gypsy Cats. They are happy together, and Josephine calls Milo "Pillow Face" because he is so fat and puffy now, thanks to her feeding him all the time.


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