Gypsy Cats is a not for profit facility in Chicago, caring for stray cats, getting them off the street, giving them needed medical attention, and allowing them to live their lives in warmth and comfort. Gypsy Cats is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Gypsy Cats is always in need to donations to help support the animals we care for. Please see our Wish List and consider sponsoring one of our Adoptable or Permanent Resident cats!

Momma #4

Momma #4 was rescued the day after Mou’s accident. Once brought in the house it was noticed that Momma #4 had an issue with her right eye. It appeares to be poorly healed from an old injury. Dr. Lori was able to examine Momma’s eye while she was at The Cat Practice being spayed. Though she does have sight in that eye at present, as she gets older she may need surgery on or removal of that eye. Otherwise, she is enjoying present good health and is happy to be an indoor cat with her kittens nearby.

Momma #4 (background - Momma #5 is in the foreground)

Once Mou was in the house and secured safely in a large dog carrier due to her cast, the French door on the deck was opened about a foot. Momma #4 and Mouse were used to being fed on the deck and were accustomed to sitting on the deck and looking in the door to the room on the other side. This time however, their food was placed inside the room where Mou was convalescing. After about 20 minutes and a little reluctantly, Momma and Mouse entered the house to reunite with Mou and to eat their dinner. Little did they know that one of the staff from Gypsy Cats was hiding just the other side of that door. Once in the house, the door was simply closed and the capture was accomplished without too much trouble.

Momma #4 and Mouse; you can see a bit of the damage to Momma's eye.

All that was required was a little patience, some ingenuity, and a large plate of kitty food. The little family stayed together in this room until Mou’s cast was removed and they could all be safely socialized with the other cats at the rescue center. Because they were born and raised in the wild for their young years, Mou and Mouse as well as Momma are very small cats. This is due to poor nutrition and scarcity of food. Though they will remain small, they should continue to be healthy now that they have a proper and regular diet.

Mouse and Momma #4

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