Gypsy Cats is a not for profit facility in Chicago, caring for stray cats, getting them off the street, giving them needed medical attention, and allowing them to live their lives in warmth and comfort. Gypsy Cats is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Gypsy Cats is always in need to donations to help support the animals we care for. Please see our Wish List and consider sponsoring one of our Adoptable or Permanent Resident cats!


Ravi is Geordi's buddy. Both of them were rescued from a hoarder, who originally found Ravi abandoned and without food or water, locked in a vacant apartment. Ravi continues to have G.I. issues which make him unadoptable, and he is a permanent resident of Gypsy Cats in need of a sponsor.

Update January 2012: Ravi is on medication, and although his issues clear up for a few days, they come right back. All tests show no physical reason for his G.I. upset, so it may be a food allergy. We are trying him on Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach food, but it is very expensive (which is why it is on the Gypsy Cats Wish List). Ravi also has runny eyes much of the time, also an indicator of some sort of allergy.



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